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Ihre Spenden fließen zu 100 % in die Projekte.
Sämtliche Verwaltungskosten und sonstige Kosten werden durch hierfür bestimmte zusätzliche Spenden von Vereinsmitgliedern oder Förderern des Freundeskreises Nepal e.V. finanziert.

Women’s School in Naikap

Since 2008 we have been supporting the Women's School in Naikap by providing teaching material and the purchasing of simple school furniture.

The Women's School is an alphabetisation and education project for adult women.

Meanwhile the school has four classes teaching in total 80 women.

The women receive instruction in Nepali, English, mathematics and social studies.

There are 4 female teachers: two of them are paid by the Government and two others from funds of the women's committee.

We urgently need a fifth teacher as a replacement teacher - unfortunately, the school cannot finance this teacher from own resources.

Freundeskreis Nepal has financed this teacher's salary (that is 2000 Rupees = 20 € per month) for one year (from October 2009 to September 2010).

In addition we have bought exercise books, pencils, rubbers and sharpeners.


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